Success Stories:

Hotel Chain
Energy and Water Saving ProjectsWe undertook a pilot project with a major international hotel chain and implemented the Edensave Energy Intelligence system across ten large UK hotels. The reports take into account variations in building type, location and facilities and also measures how efficiently the business services are being delivered.

High Unit Costs
One particular hotel was identified with large utility costs in comparison to the number of rooms sold, and on drilling down into more detailed reports the cost was related not to excessive consumption, but to unusually high fossil fuel unit costs.

The excessive unit cost, triple what other hotels were paying, seems obvious but only really stands out when a ranked comparison is made to all other hotels in the portfolio. The Edensave system makes that comparison instantly available at any time without waiting for quarter-end or year-end reporting.

Huge Potential Savings
The reports benchmark fossil fuel, electricity and water performance against CIBSE benchmarks and during the pilot we found that electricty consumption was much higher than the 'Good' target level. Additional reports revealed that even taking into account all the variables of individual buildings and facilities, the ten hotels were overspent by £1.1m.

Therefore by using the Edensave system the hoteliers was able to see a potential saving of £1.1m from energy efficiency improvements. Of course these improvements would have to be made as part of a long term program of capital investment and could not be achieved over night, but you can't begin to manage what you don't measure (or are not aware of).

We worked with a local authority and tailored the system to provide regular quarterly reports to headmasters of all the schools. The reports were simple and graphical in format to provide summarised information on changes in consumption versus the same period last year. We also included a comparison to the 'Good' benchmark in order to give an idea of how the school ought to be performing.

In addition to providing simple, timely information, an individual .pdf 'report-pack' for each school was generated automatically with just one click of a mouse button. Impressive stuff!