Intelligent Reports:


Energy Intelligence
Energy and Cost Saving ReportsThe Edensave application is powered by Business Intelligence software and intelligently stores and processes energy and water data. The system makes comprehensive overviews and detailed reports available at the click of a mouse button.

Powerful graphics give an instant overview of every building in the portfolio supported by instant drill down into the detail of each building. The reports can be accessed via a PC desktop or web browser.


What is Energy Intelligence?
An Energy Intelligence system gathers data from your energy management system, finance system, facilities management system etc. into one place where it is structured into intelligent reports that show clearly how well your buildings are performing. Being able to quickly see which buildings are inefficient and which areas offer the most potential for cost saving will enable you to reduce energy and water consumption by up to 25%.

Using Business Intelligence technology, our Energy Intelligence system has powerful reporting features including dashboards, benchmark graphs, year on year comparisons, cost tables with user definable targets and personalised printable reports.

Energy Intelligence reports help you to understand how well you have used your energy and water. Your gas consumption may have increased 20% in one particular building, but was the weather colder in that location, did occupancy increase during that month, or is it related to the boiler controls being incorrectly set? Energy Intelligence enables you to see what is happening, make the right decision to improve efficiency and shows you how much you'll save in doing it.

Also the great thing is that having these reports at your fingertips allows you to see the benefits over time of any improvements you've made.