The Edensave Service offers a partnership of working alongside your organisation, sharing our expertise. We can give you an off-the shelf-solution or give you a reporting package tailored to your specific business needs.

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The Edensave Service
The Edensave Service includes:

  • Edensave Energy Intelligence Application built on robust BI technology
  • Data Management - we visit you onsite to help collect consumption and cost data from your organisation. We can link the Edensave Energy Intelligence application to your Energy Management system or to your spreadsheets and databases.
  • Data verification - during the process of importing your data we often find and correct problems with client's data such as wrong units used or wrong conversion factors from meter readings
  • We undertake site audits to assess the current performance of buildings within the portfolio and then are able to form an accurate picture from which to establish a baseline
  • Hosting for the optional web-based system
  • System testing and user training
  • Consultancy service to include quarterly meetings with energy manager(s) on site to help with interpretation of energy performance results, prioritisation of future energy efficiency work and success of current projects, development of further energy, water, waste reports where needed.
  • Pilot Projects
    If you are not yet ready to launch into a full-scale reporting implementation then why not give us a go with a small pilot project. We can use data from a single or small group of buildings and show you the benefits of our system over a period of three months.

    Bespoke Reports
    Because the Edensave system is so flexible it allows us to quickly tailor reports for clients who have specific reports in mind. We work alongside our clients to understand the business requirements, and can then provide reports to deliver exactly what is needed.

    For information on how to get in touch with us please visit our contacts page.