What We Do:

Edensave Consulting
Energy Intelligence Reporting from Edensave LimitedEdensave is a business consultancy that has developed a specialist service around a powerful Business Intelligence reporting tool. It is designed to improve facilities management performance in hotels, local authority properties, offices, schools, hospitals and commercial building portfolios.

Instant Visibility
When managing a large portfolio of properties, instant visibility of key information is vital for those with a responsibility for facilities management, from building services engineers through to the finance director.

Energy Intelligence reports deliver critical information, giving a performance overview of all buildings in the portfolio supported by detailed information on each individual property. We provide information on operational performance,consumption, utility costs, targets, potential cost savings and CO2 emissions.

Decision Making
Visibility of key information on facilities performance allows managers to make the right decisions. There are many potential actions a company can take, but Edensave Energy Intelligence shows you which buildings and facilities are wasting the most energy, and which areas offer the most potential for cost saving.

Edensave’s mission is to give organisations a competitive edge. You can gain competitive advantage by keeping your energy and water overheads low. Use the reports to monitor performance over time and see which energy efficiency measures have provided the most benefit.

We offer uniquely intelligent software coupled with a long-term partnership of expert advice to deliver highly efficient, lower cost buildings.